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Lost Horse - Ithaca EP

Recorded in Newark, NJ in 2021

Andrew Pelletier, vocals

Jared Yee, sax

Clint Arent, bass

Mastered at Mystery Room Mastering by Justin Perkins


This album consists of tracks recorded between 2014 and 2015. 


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Boris Ivanov in 2017.

Lost Horse - The Mine

Recorded in Newark, NJ in 2021

Jared Yee, sax

Justin Goldat, guitar

Mastered by Ethan Bill


This is a full re-imagining of Modest Mussorgsky's piano suite, inspired by Maurice Ravel's orchestration, Emerson Lake & Palmer's live album, Isao Tomita's synthesizer version, as well as the original. 

Transcribed, Arranged, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Boris Ivanov


A varying and rotating list of tracks. Please subscribe!

List of Concert Works

Black Boxes for percussion (2014) - 2 marimbas, 2 steel pans, Vibes, Djembe, 4-pc drum kit Running Time - 9’ 10”
Premiered October 27, 2014 by the NYU percussion ensemble at Frederick Loewe Theater, New York, NY USA


Venus Ascending (2014) - Orchestra 2.2(eh).2.2 - - timp - 3perc - hp - pno - Running Time - 7’ 20”
MIDI version recorded September 2014


Piano Trio (2014) - Prepared piano, violin, cello
Running Time - 12’ 15”
Premiered December 2014 by the NYU Composers’ Ensemble at Provincetown Playhouse, New York, NY USA


Apnea (2014) - Live Electronics, Electric Piano
Running Time - 4’ 16”
Premiered December 2014 by the composer at Provincetown Playhouse, New York, NY USA 

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